My name is Gabriela Mónica Marini. I was born on April 12th 1959 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

I finished my studies at "La Salle Hi School" in Ramos Mejía (Bs.As.) and I graduated as "Perito Mercantil".

The vocation as an artist born with me. As child I drew and traed to make everything to the perfection; but I had never been thinking tu study Art, since my mother abd my father, in spite of being excellent painters, they were frustrated regarding the drawing, because they believed that this nobody took it like serious thing and it was not something with great future, which made me not to have incentives to be devoted to this activity like career, but rather it World only execute it for pleasure, the same as them.

I feel a great passion for horses since I was a child, since I cohabited with them in a club where I spent all my childhood and my adolescense.
I spent most of time with them in the stables, there I felt protected and I felt that they were part of my life.

The horses were not born for the man´s subjection, they were born to share with him. It is for that reason that I capture them in my paintings, free or playing next to the man, for example polo paintings, free horses and horses race.

When I paint them I feel they enjoy the sport next to the human being; non there in the jump, where I feel that the horse can not move as they want.
I also like to paint them in the careers because it is were it is perceived all their force and energy.
For me this animal so expressive and so perceptive is the perfect combination of force, anger and fandness with the capacity to feel what one as human wants to transmit it. Their corporal beauty together with their dexterity, to my eyes, and Ander my humble feeling, it is the most beautyfull thing that has been created on this earth so that the human can enjoy it and they can also enjoy us at the same time.

Along my life I have made of everything, but I never stopped painting or drawing. The fact of being able to Express myself trough the painting had turned into a necessity.
I began about ten years old to be related more and more with the art and I was leaving aside other activities that served me like material sustenance and I bet to my expressive feelings as my way of life achieving it two or three years later, since I was not very well economically. However I continued betting it mine, and I could at least support me precariously.

When I was 35 years old I decided to enter in the School of Fine Arts (Escuela de Bellas Artes) but my teacher of painting and sculpture, Mr. Marcelo Perez, alter some months recommended me not to make it, since from his humble opinión it was not what I nended. Then I began to study with other artist like Mr. Gagliardi, workshop of live drawing, who recommended me the same thing, and I also went to the workshop of Mr. Lapo with who I learned different technicals, for example as the use of the collage, the derrite, etc.
As main material I use acrylic, since the quick drying allows me to be more spontaneous when I express myself.
I don´t make previous drawing, which offers me that spontaneity of wich I speak and I am able to give all the force and movement to my works.

Not only the horses are my passion at the time of painting, but they are also the expressions of faces and the human body, mainly the woman´s naced body, which I think is perfect.

The painting of social topics that worries me and causes me the sensation of impotente, as the infantile prostitution or wars are topics that impassion me, but are not comercial, so I paint them when I can. Also, it is very necessary the previous investigation of them to carry out my works.

They say I belong to the race of autodidactic painters since I wasn´t graduate of any school of arts, but when I am in ront of the cloth, wood or paper in white, the only thing I feel is that we are one, that I have integrate me in that white and empty and make that it becomes in the mirror of my feelings toward the spectator; and if the work is in exhibition, at least one of all they can reach t feel what I wanted to transmit, that is my great prize, since I have achivied my main objective; that the other one felt the love with which I executed my works that more than my works they are children of my soul.

Permanent exhibition in Recoleta, Buenos Aires Argentina.

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